Why Is My Female Dog Whining And Carrying A Toy?

Ever wondered why is my female dog whining and carrying a toy? It might surprise you to know that 41% of dogs exhibit this behavior. This blog will help you decode what’s behind their whimpering, whether it is excitement, attention-seeking, or something else entirely.

Stay with us as we unravel the mystery of your dog’s unique “whining and playing” communication!

why is my female dog whining and carrying a toy

Key Takeaways

  • Dogs may whine with a toy to seek attention, express excitement, or indicate a desire to play.
  • Whining with a toy can be a sign of pure joy and happiness in dogs.
  • Other possible reasons for whining with a toy include difficulty burying the toy, dental issues, possessiveness, and hunting instincts.

Reasons Why Dogs Whine with a Toy

Dogs whine with a toy for several reasons, including seeking attention, expressing excitement, and indicating a desire to play.

Seeking attention

Dogs love the focus of their owners. A dog might whine with a toy to get your gaze. They carry a toy in their mouth and run around. If you look, they feel joy and do it more often.

Some dogs may tug at your clothes too. It’s like a child showing off a new toy! But, if the dog does this too much, it can mean he is bored or sad. Make sure your pet gets enough play time and walks every day to keep him happy.


Sometimes, dogs may whine with a toy because they are really excited. They might be so happy and full of energy that they can’t contain themselves! When dogs get excited, they might run around and make noises, like whining or barking.

Carrying a toy in their mouth while whining is just another way for them to show their excitement. It’s kind of like when we jump up and down or clap our hands when we’re really happy.

Dogs do the same thing but with toys! So if your dog starts whining with a toy, it could just mean that they are super excited and ready for some fun playtime.

Desire to play

One possible reason why your dog may whine with a toy is because they have a strong desire to play. Dogs are naturally playful creatures, and sometimes they use whining as a way to get your attention and engage in interactive play with you.

They might bring the toy to you while whining, hoping that you will join in on the fun. This behavior is often accompanied by wagging tails, jumping around excitedly, and an overall display of enthusiasm.

Playing with your dog not only satisfies their need for physical exercise but also strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend. So if your dog is whining with a toy, it could be their way of saying, “Let’s play!”.

why is my female dog whining and carrying a toy

Other Possible Reasons for Whining with a Toy

Difficulty burying the toy, dental issues, possessiveness, and hunting instincts.

Difficulty burying the toy

Some dogs may find it difficult to bury their toys. This could be because they don’t have the right environment or space to dig and hide their toys. It could also be because they haven’t learned how to properly bury things.

Some dogs might try to bury their toy in a spot that’s not suitable, like on a hard surface or in an area with lots of foot traffic. This can lead to frustration and whining as they try to figure out what to do with their toy.

Dental issues

Dental issues can also be a reason why your dog whines with a toy. Just like humans, dogs can experience dental problems too, such as toothaches or gum pain. When they have discomfort in their mouth, they may whine while carrying a toy because it provides them some relief.

So if you notice your dog consistently whining with a toy and showing signs of discomfort or avoiding chewing on harder toys, it’s important to check their teeth and gums for any issues.

Regular dental care is essential to keep your dog’s mouth healthy and prevent these types of problems.

why is my female dog whining and carrying a toy


Sometimes, dogs whine with a toy because they are possessive. They want to show that the toy belongs to them and they don’t want anyone else to take it. This can happen if there are other dogs in the house or if the dog feels threatened by someone trying to play with their toy.

Dogs may whine and growl when they have a toy in their mouth as a way of saying “This is mine, leave it alone!” It’s important for dog owners to teach their pets that sharing is okay and not get too upset when their dog acts possessive over toys.

Dogs may also display possessiveness over toys if they haven’t been properly trained or socialized. Some dogs haven’t learned how to share or don’t understand that toys are meant for play, not just for guarding.

This can lead to behavior problems and conflicts with other animals or people in the household. Owners should work on training their dogs to be more relaxed and comfortable around toys, teaching them that sharing is a positive thing.

Hunting instincts

Dogs have natural hunting instincts that can influence their behavior with toys. When a dog carries a toy in its mouth and whines, it may be mimicking the actions of a wild predator.

This behavior is rooted in their ancestors’ survival techniques of carrying prey and vocalizing to communicate with pack members. Even though our pet dogs don’t need to hunt for food, these instincts still exist within them.

So when your dog carries a toy and whines, it could be its way of expressing excitement or satisfaction as if it has successfully caught something. These hunting behaviors are part of who they are as dogs, and understanding this can help us better comprehend their actions and needs.

why is my female dog whining and carrying a toy


In conclusion, dogs may whine with a toy for different reasons like seeking attention, excitement, or the desire to play. There could also be other reasons like difficulty burying the toy, dental issues, possessiveness, or hunting instincts.

Understanding these behaviors can help dog owners respond appropriately and provide necessary support to their furry friends.


1. What does it mean when a dog whines with a toy?

When a dog carries a toy in its mouth and whines, it may be showing signs of anxiety, seeking attention, or expressing protective behavior over toys.

2. Why might my female or male dog whine while carrying toys?

Dogs may cry with toys to relieve pain or out of boredom. Both female and male dogs show this canine behavior.

3. How can I tell if my dog’s whining is due to anxiety?

Anxious behaviors like running, anxiety signs shown through body language and the tone of their vocalization can help identify if your dog is feeling anxious.

4. Can dogs show emotions through their play behavior?

Yes! Dog play can reveal many emotions. Whining with a toy could mean they want to interact more, which is part of their normal communication.

5. Is training helpful for dogs that constantly whine with toys?

Training helps address this issue by teaching the proper way to fetch and return toys without crying or displaying protective behavior over them.

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