How To Stop A Dog Scratching At The Door?

Are you tired of seeing your doors marred by dog scratches? This common problem can lead to substantial damage over time. Our blog will supply you with expert tips and practical steps to break this damaging habit, preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your lovely doors. How to stop a dog scratching at the door?

Read along: those scratch marks may soon be a thing of the past!

how to stop a dog scratching at the door

Key Takeaways

  • Dogs scratch doors due to boredom, anxiety, and seeking attention.
  • To prevent dog door scratching habits, provide plenty of exercise, relieve anxiety, alleviate boredom, establish a routine, and use firm correction methods.
  • Preventative measures like exercise, mental stimulation, and creating a comfortable environment can help stop dogs from scratching doors.
  • Ignoring the behavior and not giving in to their demand for attention can discourage door scratching. Managing excitement and practicing healthy separation are also effective strategies.

Why Dogs Scratch Doors

Dogs scratch doors due to boredom, anxiety, and seeking attention.


Dogs get bored too. Your dog may scratch at the door when they need fun or a good run. Make sure to give your dog plenty of playtime and walks to tire them out. You could also leave toys for them to play with when you are away from home.

This will keep their minds busy and reduce the chance of them scratching doors due to boredom.


If your dog scratches doors, it could be because of anxiety. Dogs can become anxious when they are left alone or separated from their owners. This anxiety can manifest as scratching and destructive behavior towards the door.

To prevent this, it’s important to address the underlying cause of your dog’s anxiety. Providing exercise, relieving boredom, and practicing healthy separation can help alleviate anxiety and reduce door scratching habits.

Additionally, using firm correction methods and training techniques can teach your dog not to scratch doors. Understanding and addressing your dog’s anxiety is crucial in preventing damage to your doors.


To prevent your dog from scratching doors, it’s important to understand that dogs may scratch out of boredom, anxiety, or the need for attention. To address this behavior, you can use preventative measures such as providing exercise and mental stimulation to alleviate boredom.

Ignoring the behavior and not giving in to their demand for attention can also help. Managing excitement before opening a door and practicing healthy separation by gradually increasing the time spent apart are effective strategies.

Firm corrections can be used when necessary to discourage scratching. Training your dog by setting a routine, providing exercise and relieving anxiety can also help stop door scratching habits.

how to stop a dog scratching at the door

How to Stop Dogs From Scratching Doors

To stop dogs from scratching doors, you can take preventative measures, ignore the behavior, manage excitement, practice healthy separation, and use firm corrections.

Preventative measures

To prevent damage caused by your dog’s scratching habits, there are several preventative measures you can take. First, make sure your dog gets enough exercise to help relieve boredom and excess energy.

Take them for regular walks and play sessions. You can also provide mental stimulation through puzzle toys or interactive games. Additionally, create a comfortable and safe environment for your dog by addressing any anxiety they may have.

This can include using calming products or creating a designated space where they feel secure. It’s also important to establish a routine for toilet breaks, feeding times, and walks to reduce stress and uncertainty for your dog.

Ignore the behavior

If your dog starts scratching the door, it’s important not to give them attention for this behavior. Dogs sometimes scratch doors to get our attention or because they’re bored. If you respond every time, it can reinforce their behavior and make it worse.

Instead, try to ignore the scratching and only reward them when they are calm and not scratching. This way, they’ll learn that they won’t get what they want by scratching the door.

Additionally, providing them with other ways to entertain themselves, such as toys or puzzles, can help distract them from scratching the door.

Manage excitement

To prevent dogs from scratching doors, it’s important to manage their excitement. When dogs get over-excited, they may start scratching or pawing at doors as a way to release their energy.

One way to manage this is by providing plenty of exercise for your dog. Regular walks, play sessions, and other physical activities can help burn off excess energy and reduce the urge to scratch doors.

Additionally, establishing a routine for toilet breaks and playtime can help regulate their excitement levels and prevent them from becoming overly stimulated. By managing your dog’s excitement through exercise and routine, you can discourage door scratching behavior and maintain a calm environment in your home.

Practice healthy separation

To prevent your dog from scratching doors, it’s important to practice healthy separation. This means gradually getting them used to being alone for short periods of time. Start by leaving them in a safe and comfortable space, like a crate or a designated area, with their favorite toys or treats.

Gradually increase the length of time you leave them alone, making sure to always reward good behavior when you return. By practicing healthy separation, you can help reduce anxiety and boredom that may lead to door scratching habits in dogs.

Firm corrections

To stop your dog from scratching doors, firm corrections can be an effective method. When your dog scratches the door, firmly say “No” or use a sharp noise to interrupt their behavior.

This helps them understand that scratching is not acceptable. Additionally, you can redirect your dog’s attention to a suitable alternative, such as a chew toy or puzzle toy. Remember to reinforce positive behaviors with rewards and praise when they choose not to scratch the door.

Firm corrections should be consistent and used in conjunction with other preventative measures mentioned earlier in the article. By combining these techniques, you can successfully train your dog to stop scratching doors and prevent damage.

how to stop a dog scratching at the door

Training Your Dog to Not Scratch Doors

To train your dog not to scratch doors, provide plenty of exercise, relieve anxiety, alleviate boredom, establish a routine, and use firm correction methods.

Provide exercise

Regular exercise is crucial for preventing dogs from scratching doors. Dogs often scratch out of boredom or excess energy, so keeping them active and engaged can help redirect their behavior.

Take your dog for daily walks, play interactive games, and provide stimulating toys to keep them entertained. Engaging in physical activities will tire them out and reduce their urge to scratch doors.

Make sure to tailor the exercise routine based on your dog’s breed, age, and health condition. By providing regular exercise, you can help prevent door scratching habits in your furry friend.

Relieve anxiety

Dogs may scratch doors because of anxiety. It’s important to address this issue to prevent damage. One way to relieve anxiety is by providing your dog with plenty of exercise. Regular walks, play sessions, and engaging activities can help them release pent-up energy and reduce stress.

Creating a calm environment at home can also help alleviate anxiety. Consider using relaxation techniques like soothing music or calming scents such as lavender or chamomile in the area where your dog spends most of their time.

Additionally, establishing a routine can give your dog a sense of predictability and security, which can help reduce anxiety levels.

Alleviate boredom

To alleviate boredom in your dog and help prevent door scratching habits, it’s important to provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation. Dogs who are bored may resort to scratching doors out of frustration or excess energy.

Make sure your dog gets enough exercise through regular walks, play sessions, and interactive toys. Engage in training activities with your dog to keep their mind stimulated and give them a sense of purpose.

Consider providing puzzle toys or treat-dispensing toys that will challenge their problem-solving skills. By addressing your dog’s boredom, you can reduce the likelihood of them resorting to destructive behaviors like scratching doors.

Set a routine

To prevent your dog from scratching doors, it’s important to establish a routine. Dogs thrive on predictability and structure, so having a consistent schedule can help alleviate anxiety and boredom that may lead to door scratching.

Make sure your furry friend gets regular exercise, including walks and play sessions, to release pent-up energy. This will keep them occupied and less likely to resort to scratching out of boredom.

Additionally, establishing set times for toilet breaks throughout the day can reduce their urge to scratch at the door when they need to go outside. By sticking to a routine, you can provide your dog with stability and minimize their desire to scratch doors.

Firm correction methods

Firm correction methods can be effective in stopping dogs from scratching doors. When your dog starts scratching, firmly say “No” or use a sharp noise to get their attention. Additionally, you can redirect their behavior by giving them an alternative activity or toy.

Remember to reward good behavior with praise and treats. It is important to stay consistent and patient when using firm correction methods.

Protecting Your Doors from Dog Scratching

To protect your doors from dog scratching, consider using door protection products such as door kick plates or door guards. These can help prevent damage to the surface of your doors and discourage your dog from scratching.

Additionally, seek training methods and tips from experts to address underlying issues that may be causing the behavior. DIY solutions, such as applying sticky tape or deterrent sprays to the area, can also deter dogs from scratching.

By addressing both the physical protection of your doors and the behavioral aspects, you can effectively prevent damage caused by dog door scratching.

Door protection products

To protect your doors from dog scratching, there are several door protection products you can consider. One option is a door guard or kick plate that can be attached to the bottom of the door, creating a barrier between your dog’s paws and the surface.

These guards are often made of durable materials like metal or plastic and can be effective in preventing damage. Another option is to use deterrent sprays or sticky tapes designed specifically for this purpose.

These products have an unpleasant smell or texture that dogs dislike, discouraging them from scratching at the door. Additionally, you may also want to explore DIY solutions such as placing a mat or carpet runner in front of the door to protect it from scratches.

Training methods

To stop your dog from scratching doors, there are effective training methods you can try. First, provide plenty of exercise for your dog to burn off excess energy and reduce boredom.

Regular walks and play sessions can help keep them occupied. To relieve anxiety, create a calm environment by using soothing music or diffusing calming essential oils. You can also alleviate boredom by providing puzzle toys and interactive games.

Setting a routine is important for your dog’s behavior. Establish regular feeding times, toilet breaks, and exercise sessions so they know what to expect each day. Firm correction methods can be used when your dog scratches the door.

Use a sharp “no” command and redirect their attention to an appropriate toy or activity.

You can also use deterrents such as natural repellents like citronella oil or vinegar on the areas where your dog typically scratches the door. This will help discourage them from engaging in this behavior.

Tips from experts

Experts recommend several tips to help stop dog door scratching habits. Firstly, it is important to provide regular exercise, toilet breaks, walks, and play sessions to keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated.

This can help alleviate boredom and prevent them from resorting to door scratching out of frustration. Secondly, addressing underlying issues such as anxiety is crucial. Experts suggest using techniques like desensitization or providing safe spaces for your dog to reduce their anxiety levels.

Additionally, experts advise setting a routine for your dog which includes regular feeding times and consistent training sessions to establish structure and minimize stress. Finally, using deterrents like citronella oil or vinegar sprays can discourage dogs from scratching doors.

DIY solutions

If you’re looking for DIY solutions to stop your dog from scratching doors, there are a few options you can try. One idea is to install a door kick plate or guard to protect the area of the door that your dog scratches.

Another option is to use deterrents like citronella oil, citrus fruit peels, essential oils, or vinegar to keep your dog away from the door. You can also try addressing any underlying issues that may be causing the scratching behavior by providing exercise, relieving anxiety, and alleviating boredom through activities like walks and play sessions.

Remember that prevention is better than trying to correct the behavior later on, so it’s important to address these concerns sooner rather than later.

Addressing underlying issues

Understanding the underlying reasons behind your dog’s scratching behavior is crucial in effectively preventing damage to your doors. Separation anxiety, boredom, and a desire for attention are common underlying issues that can lead to door scratching habits.

By addressing these issues, you can help alleviate your dog’s need to scratch. Providing ample exercise, relieving anxiety through relaxation techniques or supplements, and offering mental stimulation can all help address these underlying causes.

Additionally, creating a consistent routine and setting clear boundaries for your dog can also contribute to reducing their urge to scratch doors. Remember that each dog is unique, so it may take some time and trial-and-error to find the right approach for addressing your specific pet’s needs.

how to stop a dog scratching at the door


Preventing damage from dog door scratching is important. By understanding why dogs scratch doors and using preventative measures, we can stop this behavior. Training, protecting our doors, and addressing underlying issues will help us keep our furry friends happy and our homes intact.


1. What are some ways to prevent my dog from scratching doors?

Stop your dog from scratching the door by training them to use it right, using deterrents, and reinforcing good manners.

2. Can installing a pet door stop dogs’ door-scratching habits?

Yes! A correctly chosen dog door can help in managing dog anxiety related to scratching and prevents damage to your doors.

3. How can I protect my doors from my dog’s scratches?

You can protect your doors with DIY methods like covering the frame or teach dogs not to scratch as part of their training routine.

4. Why does my dog keep scratching the door?

Understanding why dogs scratch doors is key! They might feel anxious or want attention, knowing this helps in changing their behavior accordingly.

5. Are there any special tips that might help stop a dog from damaging the door?

Training dogs not only stops damage but also makes sure they behave well around all aspects of home life, including how they interact with doors.

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