How To Stop A Dog From Scratching At The Door?

Are you tired of your beloved pet constantly leaving unsightly scratches on your doors? It’s a common issue faced by dog owners, and it often stems from the dog’s anxiety or boredom. How to stop a dog from scratching at the door?  

This blog post offers practical solutions to prevent further damage and effectively train your furry friend to stop this bad habit. Get ready to restore peace in your home while ensuring both you and your pup are happy!

how to stop a dog from scratching at the door

Key Takeaways

  • Dogs scratch doors due to separation anxiety, boredom, and habit.
  • To prevent scratching, establish a consistent routine and provide mental and physical stimulation for your dog.
  • Protect your door from scratches by covering it with a bed sheet or using a door protector.
  • Train your dog to stop scratching doors through exercise, rewarding good behavior, and ignoring bad behavior.

Understanding Why Dogs Scratch Doors

Dogs scratch doors for various reasons, including separation anxiety, boredom, and habit.

Separation anxiety

Dogs often scratch doors due to separation anxiety. This means your pet feels scared when they are alone. They miss you and show it by scratching the door. It’s like they’re trying to follow you! To stop this, try to keep a set time for leaving and coming back home each day.

Your dog will then know what to expect. You can also ignore the bad behavior. Wait until your dog stops scratching for 30 seconds before opening the door. Training takes time but it helps in the long run!


Dogs may scratch doors out of boredom. When they don’t have enough mental or physical stimulation, they look for ways to entertain themselves. This can result in them scratching the door as a form of release or attention-seeking behavior.

To prevent this, it’s important to provide your dog with plenty of exercise and mental enrichment. Take them for regular walks, play interactive games with them, and offer them puzzle toys or chew treats to keep them occupied when you’re not around.

By keeping your dog engaged and stimulated, you can reduce their boredom and discourage them from scratching the door.


Dogs scratching doors can become a habit. Once they start, it’s hard to break the cycle. Dogs may scratch the door out of boredom or anxiety when left alone. They might also do it for attention or because they want to go outside.

To discourage this behavior, it’s important to establish a consistent routine and provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation for your dog throughout the day. Offering toys and distractions can help redirect their focus away from scratching the door.

Using deterrent sprays with unpleasant tastes can also discourage them from engaging in this habit.

how to stop a dog from scratching at the door

Ways to Protect Your Door from Scratches

Cover the door with a bed sheet, use a door protector, or consider purchasing a glass door as effective methods to protect your door from scratches.

Cover the door with a bed sheet

To protect your door from scratches, a simple solution is to cover it with a bed sheet. This creates a barrier between your dog’s paws and the door, preventing any damage. You can easily attach the sheet using tape or Velcro strips.

Not only does this method help preserve your door, but it also provides a soft surface that may deter your dog from scratching. Remember to choose a durable bed sheet that can withstand potential scratching and make sure it doesn’t hinder the functionality of the door.

Use a door protector

To protect your door from scratches caused by your dog, consider using a door protector. This is a simple and effective solution that can save you from having to repair or replace your damaged door.

A door protector is usually made of durable materials like plastic or metal, and it attaches directly to the lower portion of the door. It acts as a barrier between your dog’s paws and the door surface, preventing scratching and damage.

By installing a door protector, you can give yourself peace of mind knowing that your door is protected while still allowing your dog to move freely in and out of rooms.

Purchase a glass door

To protect your door from scratches, one option is to purchase a glass door. Glass doors are more resistant to scratching than wooden or metal doors. They provide a barrier between your dog and the door surface, reducing the chances of damage.

Additionally, glass doors allow natural light to enter your home and give you a clear view of what’s happening outside. When choosing a glass door, opt for one that is made with durable materials and has reinforced edges to prevent breakage.

Keep in mind that while a glass door can help protect against scratches, it may not completely eliminate the behavior. It’s important to address any underlying issues causing your dog to scratch the door as well.

how to stop a dog from scratching at the door

Ways to Train Your Dog to Stop Scratching Doors

Tire your dog out with exercise, reward good behavior, and ignore bad behavior. Read on to learn more about effective techniques for training your dog to stop scratching doors.

Tire them out with exercise

Exercise is an important way to prevent dogs from scratching doors. When dogs are tired, they’re less likely to have excess energy that leads to destructive behavior. Taking your dog for regular walks, playing fetch or engaging in other physical activities can tire them out and help reduce their desire to scratch doors.

Additionally, exercise helps keep dogs mentally stimulated and reduces boredom, which is another common cause of door scratching. By keeping your dog active and entertained, you can discourage this behavior and protect your door from scratches.

Reward good behavior

Rewarding good behavior is an effective way to train your dog and prevent them from scratching doors. When your dog shows positive behavior, such as not scratching the door, it’s important to acknowledge and reward them for it.

This can be done through verbal praise, treats, or even a favorite toy. By providing positive reinforcement, you are reinforcing the idea that not scratching the door is desired behavior.

Dogs respond well to rewards and will be more likely to repeat the good behavior in order to receive the reward again. So, make sure to show appreciation when your dog behaves well and avoids scratching the door.

In addition, consistency is key when rewarding good behavior. Make sure to consistently reward your dog whenever they refrain from scratching the door. This helps reinforce their understanding of what is expected of them and encourages them to continue behaving appropriately in the future.

Consistency also helps your dog understand that there are consequences for their actions – positive ones when they behave well and negative ones (such as ignoring or redirecting their attention) when they scratch doors.

Ignore bad behavior

If your dog starts scratching the door, it’s important to ignore this bad behavior. Giving attention or scolding may actually reinforce the behavior and make them do it more. Instead, try not to react and wait for them to stop scratching.

Once they stop for about 30 seconds, open the door as a reward. This will teach them that scratching doesn’t get your attention but being calm does. Remember, prevention is key in stopping dogs from scratching doors, so be patient and consistent with training techniques.

Repairing Door Scratches and Final Thoughts

If your dog has already scratched your door, don’t worry! There are ways to repair the scratches. Sanding them down with coarse sandpaper can help. You can also use wood filler or putty to fill in any deep scratches.

Lastly, you can repaint or refinish the door to make it look good as new.

In conclusion, preventing your dog from scratching doors is possible with a little effort and patience. By understanding why they scratch and using methods like covering the door with a bed sheet or using a door protector, you can protect your door from damage.

Additionally, training techniques such as exercise and positive reinforcement can help teach your dog not to scratch doors. By implementing these strategies, you’ll be able to enjoy scratch-free doors and maintain a peaceful home environment for both you and your furry friend.

how to stop a dog from scratching at the door


In conclusion, it’s important to understand why dogs scratch doors and find ways to protect them. By covering the door with a bed sheet or using a door protector, you can prevent scratches.

Training your dog through exercise and positive reinforcement is also key. Remember, prevention is better than cure when it comes to stopping dogs from scratching doors. Take proactive steps to keep your door safe and scratch-free!


1. How can I protect my doors from dog scratches?

You can stop a dog from scratching your door by using tools and products made for door scratch protection such as creating barriers or covering the surface.

2. What are some solutions to the dog scratching door problem?

Some solutions include training techniques to discourage dogs, providing distractions like toys, and preventing dog separation anxiety which often leads to scratching at home doors.

3. Can DIY methods help in protecting doors from dog scratches?

Yes! DIY methods can effectively prevent damage to your doors caused by your pet’s persistent scratching habits.

4. Are there ways to stop dogs from scratching doors at night?

Absolutely! Techniques involve adjusting their sleeping area, setting up night-time distractions, or practicing calming routines before bedtime.

5. How do I address a dog’s behavior of scratching on doors?

Understanding why the dogs act this way is important. It could be due to boredom or anxiety; once you figure out what causes it, you may train them not to scratch or provide appropriate alternatives.

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